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Below are Frequently Asked Questions about our 3d Rendering Services


Q: What do you need from your clients to create a 3D model or rendering? 

A: Architectural blueprints or CAD files are preferred, however, we can work from hand sketches and photographs provided dimensions are included. CAD files need to be in DXF or DWG file format. Please include floor plans, sectionals, roof plans, elevations and materials list. 

Q: How long does it take to produce a rendering?

A: Small projects may take as little as 3 days and others may take several weeks or more. Project size, complexity and the inevitable on-the-fly changes all dictate production time. Also a consideration is image size and how many perspective views your project may require.

Q: Can you work from a client's existing 3D model to create a rendering? 

A: Yes, we have completed projects from 3D models provided by our clients. We can work from a variety of 3D formats including DXF, DWG, LWO, LP, 3DS, MAX & OBJ.  If you have a file format not listed, let us know and we may be able to convert it. 

FAQ about 3d renderings.


Q: What is the maximum file size you can receive through your email? 

A: Both our email and website Quote Form can accept a maximum file size of 10 MB per transmission. If you have several files that exceed 10 MB you will need to forward them one at a time. 

Q: How much do you charge for a completed 3D model and rendering? 

A: Each project is unique and quotes are based on the specifics of each project. After reviewing your plans we determine how many hours are required to model and texture the structure and site map. Based on this and how many rendered views are needed we determine an estimate. All this is outlined in our formal quote.

Q: Do you charge state sales tax? 

A: No. we are based in Florida and currently we are not required to collect state sales tax on our services.

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Q: How do you deliver completed projects to your clients? 

A: Most renderings are delivered via email. On occasion files sizes larger than 10 MB are compressed and uploaded to our server. In this case you will be provided a link to access and download your files from the server. Very large files can be burned to  CD-ROM, DVD or copied to a portable hard drive and shipped. 

Q: Does Architectural Renditions require a deposit?

A: Yes, deposits are required. Generally a 50% deposit is required. On larger projects payment schedules are negotiated and tiered to production stages of the project.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept? 

A: We accept checks, Visa and MasterCard for your convenience. All credit card based deposits and payments are non refundable. 

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Q: Are your finished renderings suitable for print media? 

A: Yes our renderings have been used in a variety of print media. Depending on size requirements, we can provide images up to 300 dpi and in a variety of formats.  Simply let us know what format your printer prefers and we can email directly. 

Q: Can your renderings be utilized in billboard and kiosk applications? 

A: Yes, our renderings have been used in both Billboard and Kiosk advertising. 

Q: Do you maintain copyright on all 3D models and renderings you produce? 

A: Yes, ARCrenderings3D maintains copyright on all creative works unless otherwise specified. Our clients or their licensee's are free to use the material for presentation and marketing purposes. 

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